Specific Block and Rotation Description, Goals and Objectives

The fellowship is structured in two blocks: a translational research-oriented non-ACGME cellular therapy block and an ACGME-accredited one year transfusion medicine fellowship:

I. Cellular Therapy

  1. Cellular therapy development
  2. Cellular therapy manufacturing

II. Transfusion Medicine

  1. Transfusion Service
  2. Apheresis
    1. Apheresis Care Group
    2. UCSF Medical Center
    3. UC Davis Medical Center
    4. Benioff Children Hospital of Oakland
  3. Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Therapy
  4. Coagulation
  5. Laboratory Management
  6. Immunogenetics & Transplantation Laboratory
  7. Donor Center & Reference Laboratory

The Cellular Therapy block is integrated with the Clinical Pathology training and available to the UCSF applicants (track 1). For non-UCSF applicants a full one year training in Cellular therapy is offered (track 2).