Sara Bakhtary, MD, BA

HS Assoc. Clinical Professor
Laboratory Medicine

Parul Bhargava, MD

Professor of Clinical Lab Med
Laboratory Medicine

Michael Busch, MD, PhD

Laboratory Medicine

Lisa Butterfield, PhD

Adjunct Professor
M_Microbiology and Immunology

Brian Custer, PhD, MPH

Laboratory Medicine

Jonathan Esensten, MD, PhD

Asst. Professor Clinical Med
Laboratory Medicine | Fellowship Role

Fellowship Role

Jan Hofmann, MD

Clinical Faculty Volunteer
M_Laboratory Medicine

Rachael Jackman, PhD

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Laboratory Medicine

Scott Kogan, MD

Professor of Lab Med
Laboratory Medicine

Alexander Marson, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Our lab's goal is to understand the genetic circuits that control human immune cell function in health and disease. We have begun to identify how genetic risk variants for autoimmune diseases disrupt immune cell circuits (Farh and Marson et al., Nature 2015; Simeonov et al., Nature, 2017), and how pathogenic circuits may be targeted with novel therapeutics (Xiao et al., Immunity 2014). My lab has developed new tools for efficient CRISPR genome engineering in primary human T cells (Schumann et al., PNAS 2015; Roth et al., Nature 2018; Nguyen et al. Nature Biotech 2020).

Morvarid Moayeri, MD, PhD

HS Assoc. Clinical Professor
Laboratory Medicine

Ari Molofsky, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Ari Molofsky is an Assistant Professor at UCSF in the Department of Laboratory Medicine. He is trained as an MD/PhD with a clinical specialization in hematopathology. His primary focus is conducting a basic research laboratory that works at the intersection of immunology and tissue homeostasis/pathology. He is also a member of the UCSF Microbiology and Immunology Department and the UCSF Diabetes Center.